Mar 25

Many of you will be aware that the Transport Select Committee is conducting an inquiry into the skills and workforce planning of the road haulage sector.  In particular the Committee is investigating what action Government has taken to address concerns about a lack of skilled drivers in the Logistics Sector and in turn consider how effective that response has been.

The deadline for written submissions was 19 October 2015,  so we should expect the open sessions to begin in the New Year.

The team at Logistics Job Shop was delighted to learn of the intention to investigate this issue for several reasons.

When the Committee set out the scope of its inquiry it showed a perception of professional drivers which has been and continues to be sadly lacking.  It clearly talks about skilled drivers.

Those of us in the Logistics Sector know this is exactly what our drivers are.  Skilled professionals, frequently responsible on a daily basis for cargos and machinery equivalent in value to an average house.  And we face new challenges on a daily basis

Drivers literally deliver our way of life and they do so, almost always, in an efficient, safe and timely manner.

But being a professional driver isn’t easy.  It is a skilled occupation.  Many people probably have a memory of a few driving lessons at 17 and consequently think that becoming a professional can’t be much harder!  Do they watch the Rugby World Cup and think that because they played at school they could now take on Sam Warburton or Chris Robshaw?  Of course not.  And the perception that ours is anything other than a highly skilled occupation goes against what those of us in the sector know and appreciate.

But most people will accept that when they first passed their test they weren’t half the driver they are now.  they might have been good enough to pass the test, but experience, hours on the road has improved their skills to a much higher level.  If you don’t believe me, try and insure your 18 year old son on your car!  I bet some of you are thinking that a bus pass might be a better option!

But remember that this investigation by the Select Committee of course comes  only two months after the decision by the Department for Innovation and Skills (BIS) not to approve the Apprenticeship in LGV Driving.

Working in recruitment, the team at Logistics Job Shop know that employers are working hard to find good quality drivers.  It our daily job to help them.  If we can help you find your next role, or help you to recruit the right people contact our Sales Team on 0117 9859119 or 07500 864 399 now.

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